It’s been a month. It feels fortunate to write but, I’ve never experienced heartbreak quite like this before. Grief is so big and intense and unfortunately, most of you totally get it. You learn to go on with your day, life keeps moving, you get back to work, laugh at things that are funny, fill […]

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For Zoey (from Laurén)

Zoey’s story, is my story. All of our best moments, our firsts, our big life markers… they’re all shared.  We spent 12 impossibly fast, beautiful years giving and receiving from one another. We moved to New York City together, we fell in love with Barry together, we started a business together, we grew up together. […]

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For Zoey (from Barry)

God this is hard to write. Our Zoey had to go on Monday. It all happened so fast. It was an unknown tumor in her belly that ruptured, and she was too old and in no condition to go through the torture of surgeries and chemo. She lived a long, happy and healthy life and we […]

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The Qs I get asked all the time and the As to each one of them: What kind of paint do you use? Angelus Leather Paint. It’s an acrylic based paint that won’t crack or smudge but will wear with your leather as it ages. Where do you sell these jackets? Via my Etsy store […]

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